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The website rumi.bg is supported by: “GORGEOUS” Ltd., Unified Identification Code 131110481, registered address: Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 52 Parchevich Street, 4 th floor, apartment 9, general manager – Rumyana Ilieva Ilieva, hereinafter referred to as the “SUPPLIER”.

By using the platform https://shop.fitnesinstruktor.com/ supported by us, you can place orders and purchase products from our store.

Art. 1. The purpose of these general terms and conditions is to govern the relationship between us as a SUPPLIER AND you as a CUSTOMER of our e-commerce platform https://shop.fitnesinstruktor.com/. The Company exercises its business in accordance with the regulatory framework of the European Union law and particularly in line with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria (the E-Commerce Act, the Consumer Protection Act and the Personal Data Protection Act).

Art. 2. Information we are obliged to provide under the E-Commerce Act and the Consumer

Protection Act:
Supplier name: “GORGEOUS” Ltd., Unified Identification Code 131110481
Headquarters and registered address: Sofia, 52 Parchevich Street, 4 th floor, apartment 9
Contact details: Sofia, 52 Parchevich Street, 4 th floor, apartment 9
E-mail: shop@fitnesinstruktor.com, telephone number: 0876 36 45 35.

a) Commission for Personal Data Protection
Address: Sofia 1592, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
tel. 02/91-53-518
E-mail: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg
Website: www.cpdp.bg
b) Consumer Protection Commission
Sofia 1000, 4A Slaveykov Blvd., 3rd floor, 4 and 6,
tel.: 02 / 980 25 24
fax: 02 / 988 42 18
hotline: 0700 111 22
Website: www.kzp.bg
c) Commission for Protection of Competition
Sofia 1000, 18 Vitosha Blvd.
Telephone: (02) 935 61 13
Fax: (02) 980 73 15
Website: www.cpc.bg

1. For the purpose of the interpretation and application of these General Terms and Conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:
2. “Customer” means any individual or legal entity registered in the platform shop.fitnesinstruktor.com. The creation of an order on the website (whether as a registered user or as a guest) shall mean that you – the Customer – have read these General Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of fitnesinstruktor.com and that you accept them.
3. “Customer Profile” means a separate part of shop.fitnesinstruktor.com, which contains information about the Customer provided by the latter upon registration. The Customer is the one who creates a customer profile and fills in their details based on what is required by the platform during their “Registration”. You will need a password and a user name known only by you for your initial registration and subsequent access to your customer profile, and you should protect those credentials in order to protect yourselves from abuse. Your customer profile enables you to view and edit the details entered upon registration, to access information about your orders for the purchase of goods/services, to change your password for access and to delete your profile.
4. An “order” means your request to purchase the item you have selected through our e-shop at
5. “Goods and/or Services” means any subject of the contract for purchase and sale from
6. A “contract” means the distance contract signed between the Supplier and the Customer for the purchase and sale of goods and/or services from shop.fitnesinstruktor.com and these General Terms and Conditions shall constitute an integral part thereof.
7. A “package” means any container or any other component or materials designed and fit for
fulfilling their function to contain and store the goods we offer and deliver to you.
8. “Sale price” means the final price per unit or for a certain quantity of goods or a service, inclusive of VAT, plus any applicable taxes and fees.

The electronic platform shop.fitnesinstruktor.com provides you, as a Customer, with the opportunity to buy the goods offered at shop.fitnesinstruktor.com after registration and/or by placing an order and payment of the respective sale price in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

1. In order to register at shop.fitnesinstruktor.com, you need to do the following:
Fill in the electronic registration form with your complete and accurate identification details and other data required by the Supplier’s electronic form. The Customer declares that the data they have provided during the registration process are correct, complete and accurate and that they will update them in due time in case of any change thereto.

IMPORTANT! When creating your registration, you will fill in your PERSONAL DATA.

2. Data we collect:
Name and surname
Delivery address
Billing address and VAT number for identification
Telephone, fax and e-mail.
3. Your personal data collected and processed by shop.fitnesinstruktor.com will be used for the following purposes:
– customer identification and binding the respective customer with the orders they have placed;
– delivery of the goods ordered by the customer to the address indicated by the customer;
– for advertising and marketing purposes;
– for sending you messages with information.
4. How we use the information we have collected:
We require this information for your registration so that you can receive information about the goods and services offered by us, in order to respond to your inquiries, for provision of services related to our business, for purchasing our goods and for statistical and marketing purposes (including direct marketing).
We will not share your personal data with third parties unless we are required to do so by the law or by the competent authorities.
We hereby assure you that the team of “GORGEOUS” Ltd. exercises due care and uses advanced technologies to ensure the protection of your personal data and to prevent any unauthorised access to them.

You can withdraw the consent you have given to us to process your personal data at any time. Accordingly, you should be aware that some of the functions and services we offer may become unavailable for you if we stop processing your personal data.
You can request the deletion of the personal data you have provided to us.
You can make your request in the following manner: by sending us an e-mail message to:
5. We, as the Supplier, will confirm your registration as a Customer by sending you a confirmation letter to the electronic address you have indicated during the signup process. We will also send a confirmation to the same e-mail address if we receive a request for deleting your personal data. This is how we guarantee your right “to be forgotten”.
6. If the details you have provided upon registration are incorrect, shop.fitnesinstruktor.com shall
be entitled to cease the maintenance of your registration and your access to your customer profile without notice.
7. Shop.fitnesinstruktor.com shall not be liable for any goods ordered from our platform that have not been received as a result of incorrect or inaccurately filled in details during the order or registration process.
8. By creating a Customer profile, you make an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and you declare that you are familiar with these General Terms and Conditions and that you agree to be bound by them.
9. After expressing your acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, you will be able to place valid orders for purchase of the goods and/or services offered via shop.fitnesinstruktor.com.
10. These General Terms and Conditions may be amended unilaterally by the Supplier and shall enter into force at the time they are published on the website fitnesinstruktor.com
11. In case of amendments to the General Terms and Conditions, we will either publish them at a visible place or we will notify you in your customer profile by indicating the text of the amendments or an electronic link to the website where the amended General Terms and Conditions are available.
12. Our customers can file claims, make statements related to the orders placed and provide recommendations for improving the service at the indicated addresses for communication. The claims will be reviewed within a reasonable time depending on their specific subject matter.

V. DELIVERY TERMS (detailed below)

1. The website content is subject to protection by the applicable law, including the rights on trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property rights, etc.
2. The materials published in SHOP.FITNESINSTRUKTOR.COM may not be copied, reproduced, disseminated, forwarded or processed in any form without the prior consent of “GORGEOUS” Ltd..
3. The information from the shop.fitnesinstruktor.com platform may be reviewed, downloaded on a personal computer/electronic device and printed by the website users solely for personal and non-commercial/non-business use.
4. The information from shop.fitnesinstruktor.com may not be changed, copied, published, fully or partially modified, disseminated to other entities or stored on other servers by persons other than the supplier without the express consent of the latter.
5. The use, dissemination and/or full or partial modification of photographs, videos and graphic materials published on fitnesinstruktor.com is strictly forbidden. All photographs, videos and graphic materials on the website are protected by the copyright of their inventor and/or user by virtue of an express contract. Any such actions may be treated as a violation of copyrights and pursued in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

1. SHOP.FITNESINSTRUKTOR.COM shall not be liable for maintaining the price of goods offered on the website, if their price is changed by their manufacturer/importer. In this case, the Supplier reserves the right to change the prices of goods ordered by the Customer.
2. SHOP.FITNESINSTRUKTOR.COM shall not be liable for any failure to provide access to the website or for failure to process (in due time) the orders for purchase in the event of circumstances beyond their control, such as events of force majeure, accidents and problems with the worldwide web.
3. SHOP.FITNESINSTRUKTOR.COM shall be entitled to place electronic links to other websites, resources and advertising banners for sale of goods and provision of services by third parties and may also do so in the Customer’s profile. Insofar as the Supplier does not have the objective capability and obligation and considering that the Supplier does not control the website and the resources accessed through the electronic links and advertising banners, the Supplier shall not be liable for any unlawful nature of the content and materials located on these websites and resources.

For all matters that have not been settled in these General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria that is currently in force shall be applied.

shop.fitnesinstruktor.com accepts orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I order?
Choose the products you want from the SHOP.
After reviewing the description of the product you have selected, press the BUY button below the description. This is how you add your selected product to your SHOPPING CART. You can check the content of your Shopping Cart both from the pop-up window that will appear on your screen and from the “SHOPPING CART” menu. After you have selected all the products you want to buy, please, review the content of your shopping cart (go to SHOPPING CART) and finalise your order by pressing the CHECKOUT

This will redirect you to a page where you will need to enter your contact details. If you have any
problems, please, do not hesitate to contact us at 0876 36 45 35.

Nota Bene! If you have any special requirements related to your order, you can describe them
by using the NOTES TO THE ORDER field.

After you make sure you have correctly filled in all details and that you have added all products
you want to buy, you can finalise the order by pressing the ORDER button.

Nota Bene! Fitnesinstruktor.Com sends an e-mail confirmation of your order! If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, please, check your spam folder! If there is no e-mail there, this
means that you probably failed to finalise the order. In this case, please, check the content of
your shopping cart again. If you have any difficulties, please, contact us at 0876 36 45 35 for

How we process orders
You can place your order 24 hours a day at your convenience. We process all orders within the next business day. We apply the following rules:

– Orders received on Saturday or Sunday will be processed and fulfilled on Monday or on the next business day in the cases where Monday is a banking holiday. An order processed on Monday will be delivered to you on Tuesday.
– Orders received after 10:00 am on Monday will be fulfilled on Tuesday or on the next business day if Tuesday is a banking holiday. This means that you will receive your order on Wednesday if Tuesday is a normal business day.

Important! The team of Shop.Fitnesinstruktor.com will not call you for confirmation of your order after your order has been processed, finalised and is about to be dispatched. We will send you a confirmation via e-mail to the address you have indicated when placing your order. You can expect delivery in 7-10 business days to EU, North Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia.

We make our deliveries with the courier company Econt to the customer’s address or to an office of the courier company, if the order delivery address is within the territory of Bulgaria. You can expect delivery of your orders on the next business day after you have placed them in our platform. We will not ask for confirmation of the orders placed via telephone. We process them directly if we have all details for delivery, i.e. name, surname, telephone and address.

For orders confirmed on Friday, you can expect delivery on Saturday by noon (to an office of the courier company Econt) or on Monday within the normal working hours. If you want delivery to an office of the courier company, please, select the most convenient Econt office for you. In this way, you will be able to receive your delivery at a time that is convenient for you. For orders over BGN 65 with delivery to Bulgaria, the European Union, North Macedonia, Serbia or Turkey, shipping will be free of charge. For Bulgaria: For orders under BGN 65, the shipping cost to an office of the courier company Econt will be fixed at BGN 3.99. For Bulgaria: For orders under BGN 65, the shipping cost to the customer’s address will be fixed at BGN 5.99. The shipping cost for orders under BGN 65 to the EU, North Macedonia, Serbia or Turkey will be at a fixed rate of BGN 32.

We assume no liability for delivering the goods in a perfect condition! This liability is assumed by
the courier company delivering your package! Therefore, please, check the integrity of the package delivered on the spot, in front of the courier, and keep and enclose the relevant documents received upon delivery.

If you receive products with a poor presentation as a result of transportation, please, request from the courier to immediately draft a statement of findings for that purpose. In this case, please, return the package as soon as possible, together with the relevant documents, to our address, so that we can recover the damaged items.

The fulfilment of the order may be delayed due to one of the following reasons:
a) The ordered item is out of stock;
b) Inaccurate or incomplete delivery address and/or telephone for contacting the Customer.

Payment and payment methods
After selecting the payment method and confirming your order, you will be bound to pay the sale
price for the order placed. The final price for the order constitutes the sum of the prices of all products/services you have ordered plus the shipping cost, which will be indicated separately. All prices are in BGN and inclusive of VAT and may not be subject to any changes in the period between placing your order and payment for it.

You can pay for your orders via bank transfer (if you make a bank transfer from a Bulgarian
bank). Or via TransferWise if you make a bank transfer from outside Bulgaria.

Our bank details are as follows:
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank
IBAN: BG84RZBB91554001246911
Recipient: “GORGEOUS” Ltd.

You can also pay for your orders via the EPAY platform (for registered users only), at an EASYPAY cash desk (for customers on the territory of Bulgaria), via PAYPAL (for customers from the USA, Canada and UAE), with a credit/debit card (for Bulgaria and Europe) or via cash on delivery (for customers on the territory of Bulgaria).

“GORGEOUS” Ltd. does not require and does not receive any additional fees, irrespective of the payment method. Any other fees charged, in addition to the price for the order and the shipping cost indicated by “GORGEOUS” Ltd., depend on your contractual relationship between you as a customer and the bank/agent providing their services.

Order cancellation
You can cancel items you have already ordered after confirmation of the order, provided that the order has not been delivered yet. If you decide that you do not want us to fulfil your order, please, send us an e-mail to shop@fitnesinstruktor.com or call us at 0876 36 45 35.

You can also cancel the order after confirming it and after it has been delivered to you. If the items do not meet your expectations for any reason, you can cancel the order by returning the items to us. In this case, the shipping costs for returning the package to our address shall be borne by you. We will reimburse the amount paid for your order after we make sure that the product integrity has not been compromised and that the products have not been opened and/or damaged.

Please, remember that we rely on your honesty in the same way as you rely on our professionalism! Thank you for your understanding!

Right of withdrawal
As a user, you can exercise your right of withdrawal under the Consumer Protection Act without the need to indicate a reason and without paying any costs, except for the costs for returning the goods. You can do so within 14 days after signing the contract for the services or after acceptance of the goods. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, please, fill in the withdrawal form, which is available here.

You may not exercise your right of withdrawal in the following cases:
1. In case of provision of services, where the service has been fully rendered and its implementation has started with your express prior consent. You should be aware and we hereby inform you that you will lose your right of withdrawal after the Supplier completely fulfils the contract for the provision of the service.
2. For delivery of custom orders or orders implemented in line with your individual requirements.
3. For delivery of goods the quality of which may deteriorate due to their specific nature or goods with a short shelf life.
4. For delivery of sealed goods which have been opened after delivery and may not be returned due to considerations related to the hygiene or protection of human health.
5. For delivery of goods, which, because of their specific nature, were mixed with other goods after delivery and which may not be separated.
6. For delivery of sealed audio or video records or sealed computer software, which have been opened after delivery.
7. For delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts for delivery of such publications;
8. For provision of digital content, which is not delivered on a carrier, when the fulfilment of the
order has started with the express consent of the user, who has confirmed that they are aware that they will lose their right of withdrawal.
If you exercise your right of withdrawal from the contract, “GORGEOUS” Ltd. will reimburse the cost of the good(s) within 14 days via the payment method used for payment for the order. All costs associated with the return of the purchased goods (bank fees and other costs, other than the cost of the order, etc.) shall be borne by you.

What should I do, if I discover faults on the items delivered?
If, after opening your package, you establish damaged integrity and/or breakage of any of the products as a result of transportation, please, contact us immediately. All our shipments are properly packaged, secured and marked as fragile, but they may sometimes be damaged during transportation.
We assume no liability to deliver the shipments in a perfect condition; this is the responsibility of
the courier company we have used to deliver your package, therefore, please keep and enclose the relevant documents you have received upon delivery.
If you receive products with a poor presentation as a result of transportation, please, return the products to our address as soon as possible, so that we can recover the damaged goods.

If you do not notify us about any faults, the goods will be considered approved and accepted as meeting your requirements, unless they show any hidden defects.

If you want to change the delivery address:
You can do so by indicating the correct details in your profile.
If you have failed to do so at the right time, you can change your delivery address by e-mailing us at shop@fitnesinstruktor.com or by calling us at 0876 36 45 35.
However, in case of unexpected circumstances and need to change the delivery address after your order has been processed by us and handed to a courier, you can arrange the change of delivery address with the courier service.

Please, remember that you are entitled to one free redirecting of delivery, i.e. change of the delivery address, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE COURIER COMPANY. The downside of this is that you will have to wait one additional business day before receiving your order.

Nota Bene! If you have ordered perishable products from our website, neither we nor the courier company will be liable for their deterioration if you have redirected your order or if you have failed to pick them up in due time if delivery was made to an office of the courier company.

If you are not available at your address at the time of delivery or if you fail to provide access and
conditions for delivery of the goods within this period, SHOP.FITNESINSTRUKTOR.COM shall be exempt from its liability to deliver the goods you have ordered. You can confirm your willingness to receive the goods after expiration of the delivery period, during which you were not found at your address; however, in this case you shall cover all costs associated with the delivery. In this case, a new delivery period will commence accordingly after confirmation.
7.7. Where applicable, the product concerned shall contain indication about the possibility to provide assistance to the Customer after the sale, the availability of after-sales service or a commercial guarantee, as well as the conditions thereunder.
7.8. “GORGEOUS” Ltd. kindly reminds you about the legal guarantee for compliance of the products with the contract for sale.