Rumi Cosmetics was founded to solve the dilemma of choosing between the products that work and those that are good for your health. It is imprinted in our DNA to always invest time and money in finding even the rarest and the most precious ingredients from around the world, which have been scientifically proven to have unique and strong effect.

The personal motivation of our founder, Rumi Ilieva, lays in the health issues she had faced in her childhood. She had taken antibiotics frequently and years later that had reflected on her health.

As a child, I suffered from purulent tonsils a few times a year, and every time I was prescribed an antibiotics course of treatment. When I turned 30, I’ve found out that I have an autoimmune disease, the Hashimoto thyroiditis. Not much later, I was additionally diagnosed with Endometriosis. The traditional medicine was helpless. There is not much to be done in the cases of autoimmune diseases, and I’ve seen a lot of people to simply give-in to the illness and lose so much. I’ve always been a fighter, so I didn’t want to give up, and wasn’t ready to accept that there was so little in my power to overcome this obstacle. I began searching for information and started developing a more holistic approach to my health. I quit my well-paid job in marketing and I became certified fitness instructor. I walked daily, began with extensive workouts and, most importantly, completely changed my diet. In only a few months my health status improved so dramatically, that I felt the urge to start spreading everything I had learned with everyone in need. That is how I developed a website where I started sharing my experience. At the moment this website is the most visited place in Bulgaria for getting in shape with a holistic approach. The workouts and good food had extremely improved my health and for a first time in my life I was feeling healthy. I still had Hashimoto, though. I didn’t feel it, but I knew that I have only managed to keep it at bay. It could come back with furious speed at any time. A this point I found out about Sarah Ballantyne’s autoimmune protocol and I was impressed that there is a whole chapter about toxins that irritate immune system and keep it on alert all the time. I understood that I have to throw away all my cosmetics and cleaning agents at home if I wanted to achieve more permanent remission. That is when I asked myself “What kind of cosmetics should I use?”. And I started researching for information about what had people used a 1000 years ago and I was astonished to find out about some oils with amazing qualities. They have become the base for my cosmetics line. As a next step, I turned to the modern achievements of science and have searched for scientific evidence for natural ingredients that positively affect the skin. I have found valuable and rare ingredients, that slow down traces left by the time on our skins. In a sentence, through my holistic approach I have combined the heritage and future in order to achieve a luxury cosmetic line, with products, which are pure natural, and work.” Rumi Ilieva, Founder

Our mission is to create the healthiest and purest cosmetic products that work and give results. A dose of luxury, splendor and joy, that reinvents our beauty.